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Founded in 2018, Beehive Games is an independent game studio based in the UK.We create Quality Boutique titles for PC and Nintendo Switch.We love portable play and focus on creating great experiences that thrive on HANDHELD SYSTEMS, especially the Switch and the Steam Deck.You can read about the full story over on our Blog.


Space Haters is our Debut Steam and Switch Game. a tough as nails vertical shoot 'em up featuring classic arcade-style gameplay and set in the ruthless world of intergalactic music.

You play as Photon who, after another sell-out gig, has once again asserted his galactic lyrical dominance. He gets word his friend Gamma-Boi is organizing the ultimate after-party in his honor. However, it is not going to be easy to reach. The other musical artists want a shot at the top and will do anything to get there. However, to Photon, they are just Haters. Space Haters. It is up to Photon to blast through the so-called "Monarchs of Music" and reach the afterparty of the light-year, and of course, look good whilst doing it.

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